Del Macs Yorkies™


Our Yorkie puppies are not sold at an early age. All of my Yorkie puppies that are being sold as a pet only will come to you already spayed or neutered. We do not spay or neuter our puppies before 6 months of age. The puppy will have all puppy vaccines done and will also have their rabies vaccine done.  

I am here to be of assistance to you and your Yorkie puppy for the life of your Yorkshire Terrier puppy. If at any time during your Yorkies life you find you can no longer keep your Yorkie, I will gladly take back the dog and find a suitable home, or I will be more than happy to assist you in trying to find a suitable home for your dog. I DO NOT want one of my Yorkies going to a rescue, shelter or a pound.

When placing a deposit on one of my Yorkshire Terrier puppies, should you change your mind for whatever reason and cannot purchase the Yorkie puppy, your deposit will be cheerfully refunded. We understand that sometimes issues arise and someone may not be able to proceed with the purchase of their puppy.  




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